Hawker 800XP Jet

Hawker 800XP Jet
The Hawker 800XP, produced by the British company Raytheon, is among the top planes in its class of mid-size business jets, due to its long range and the comfort it affords passengers.

The Hawker 800XP has large fuel tanks, enabling long flights – up to 6.5 hours without refueling.

Our lavish passenger cabin is spacious enough for 8 passengers (its maximum capacity) to travel pleasantly and comfortably. There is also a well-equipped kitchen with everything needed for a perfect meal, as well as a microwave.

The plane is equipped with a DVD system.

Hawker 800XP - Interior

Hawker 800XP - Floor Plan

Hawker 800XP Floor Plan

Hawker 800XP Specification

Cabin length
21 ft 4 In / 6.5 m Max. Speed 482 mph / 775 kph
Cabin Height 5 ft 9 In / 1.75 m Max. Range (hours) 6.5 Hrs
Cabin Width 6 ft / 1.83 m Max. Range 2620 miles / 4852 km
Baggage vol. 49 cu ft / 1390 L Lavatory full
Passenger capacity 8 Flight attendant yes

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