Gulfstream G200

Gulfstream G200
Aviation Bridge offers you a bespoke service, tailor made to your satisfaction. Along our executive private jets we operate, we collaborate with a few private flight companies in order to answer all our clients. You may use the Gulfstream G200 jet which flies our clients across the world to their required destinations, along our VIP service to ensure a pleasant private jet experience, uniquely made to your needs.

The Gulfstream G200 is a spectacular executive jet enables you to enjoy a variety of options. Comfortable leather seats, spacious and luxurious cabin, various entertainment options which help you have a great flight, and of course food and beverages of your choice.

As executive aircraft, the aircraft can reach a variety of different destinations; to larger aircraft can not reach. Therefore proposed aircraft in flight service privacy as a solution for many customers, who want to go directly to the target, whether it is a ski resort, in a big city or even a more desolate area, this plane will take you safely and comfortably as possible and allow you to enjoy a pleasant flight all the way.

Aviation Bridge offers you the most appropriate solutions for you. You are welcome to book a flight on an airplane Gulfstream G200 and enjoy a total experience.

Gulfstream G200 Interior


Gulfstream G200 Floor Plan

Gulfstream G200 Floor Plan

Gulfstream G200 Specification

Interior Length
24'5" / 7.44 m Passenger capacity
Cabin length
62.3 ft / 19 m Max. Speed 528 mph / 850 kph
Cabin Height 6'3" / 1.91 m Max. Range (hours) 6 hrs
Cabin Width 7'2" / 2.18 m Max. Range 3,915 miles / 6,300 km
Baggage vol. 60 cu. ft / 1.7 m Lavatory full
Flight attendantyes

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