Golfstream G4

Gulfstream G4
The Gulfstream G4, offered to you by us as part of our business activities together with other private airlines, is considered among the leading business jets and larger, and is suitable for 14 passengers. This improved model plane of other airplanes, preceded him, and it is considered the most reliable and safest. Among the variety of the services, offered on it, you can find a fully equipped kitchenette, refreshments and delicious meals, spacious luxury seats, advanced entertainment systems, and everything in order to allow air travelers in flight experience safe, convenient and mostly pleasant.


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This plane is considered among the most successful produced, which provide such services, it serves as a model plane built and manufactured aircraft from the same series.

At Aviation Bridge we want to offer you the maximum comfort and range of various services, whether for business private flight to a destination near or far, and whether it is a business flight for personal reasons. This advanced prestigious aircraft, the pride of the IAI will take you anywhere and any time. It will enable you to reach various destinations with maximum comfort catered by our in-flight crew.

Gulfstream G4 is considered among the leading jets, used for personal or business needs and as such preferred by many, who want to enjoy the excellent abilities it provides.

Gulfstream G4 Interior


Gulfstream G200 Floor Plan

Gulfstream G4 Floor Plan

Gulfstream G200 Specification

Interior Length
45'11" / 14.0 m Passenger capacity
Cabin length
88.4 ft / 26.9 m Max. Speed 581 mph / 935 kph
Cabin Height 6'3" / 1.90 m Max. Range (hours) 7 hrs
Cabin Width 7'3" / 2.2 m Max. Range 4,859 miles / 7,820 km
Baggage vol. 155 cu. ft / 4.40 m Lavatory full
Flight attendantyes

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