Citation V

Aviation Bridge places its fleet of aircraft, as well as its air and ground crews, at your service at any time, and will be happy to serve you in accordance with your needs.
Alongside our other aircraft, our fleet includes the advanced Citation V — a popular executive aircraft with impressive technical capabilities and a cabin that offers passengers maximum comfort and the safest, most quiet flight.

Fly with Peace of Mind

The Citation V aircraft, which we offer you as part of our private flight service, enables you to enjoy a private or business flight of especially high standards. We have chosen the Citation V, which with its seven-passenger capacity is considered a medium-size executive aircraft, to serve our many clients due to its high level of luxury, its excellence in safety, and all the amenities it offers. On this aircraft, you can enjoy entertainment systems of different kinds as well as a bar with fine drinks and a variety of meals served throughout the flight, according to your preference.
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Citation V Interior


Citation V Floor Plan


Citation V Specification


Interior Length15'0" / 4.57mPassenger capacity7
Cabin length56' 85" / 17.33 mMax. Speed457 mph / 736 kph
Cabin Height4'8" / 1.42 mMax. Range (hours)4 hrs
Cabin Width4'83" / 1.5 mMax. Range1,500 miles / 2,778 km
Baggage vol76.2 cu. ft / 2.16 cu mLavatoryFull
Flight attendantYes