Citation II

Citation II
The Citation II is a modern jet aircraft offering ample room for passengers to relax in a sumptuous eight-seat center-club configuration. The aircrafts’ maximum range is 1,250 nautical miles (approx. 1440 miles); its maximum speed is 360 knots (approx. 414 mph), and its ceiling 41,000 feet.

With its clean lines, rich interior, and impeccable design, the Citation II offers overwhelming in-flight atmosphere and cabin size rivaling those of a larger aircraft. The interior design consists of forward and aft four-place clubs – all appointed in luxurious white leather. A private aft lavatory with airline-style toilet is available for passengers’ comfort and convenience.

The aircraft galley offers liquor decanters, ice cold drinks, and delicious meals tailored to passengers’ culinary preferences. Entertainment amenities include a forward monitor, DVD and CD stereo.

A large tail cone baggage compartment provides ample space for luggage and gear.

Citation II Interior


Citation II Floor Plan

Citation II Floor Plan

Citation II Specification

Interior Length
16'0" / 4.88 m Passenger capacity
Cabin length
47'0" ft / 14.39 m Max. Speed 411 mph / 662 kph
Cabin Height 4'9" / 1.46 m Max. Range (hours) 4 hrs
Cabin Width 4'10" / 1.5 m Max. Range 1,400 miles / 2,240 km
Baggage vol. 76.2 cu. ft / 2.16 m Lavatory full
Flight attendantyes
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